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We provide our clients with the flexibility to respond to any or all of their quality requirements throughout world with highest potential standards of service and integrity. Gaze Industrial Services is a young dynamic company that provides a contemporary approach to the industry implementing all the benefits of technology should provide with quaint attitudes to quality.

Our company has set new standards in levels of coordination, follow up and support the field employees. We are able to give experienced and highly qualified technical personnel from an in depth pool of personnel obtainable throughout world.

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An order review meeting is suggested for partial inspection. Once possible, the ultimate inspection ought to include witness of specified tests and review of radiographs and alternative needed reports. The Gaze Industrial Services coordinator works closely with their clients to determine exactly the level of service needed than the client's demand and expectations are. From the very beginning of any activities for a brand new client the coordinator is totally concerned in fixing the client, project and order needs. The coordinator follows up closely with the inspector to ensure inspection schedules are set and achieved, communications are addressed promptly and any support the inspector requires is provided.

Gaze Industrial Services and all employees utilized by Gaze Industrial Services are dedicated to providing the foremost effective possible service to their clients. A significant a part of this may be clearly reportage;. This could be as precise as doable to switch our clients to fully understand what is happening to their order.

Reports area unit usually prepared on our own report formats or on report formats given by clients of Gaze Industrial Services. Construction and Fabrication Project Management is aimed at meeting a client's requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. A construction manager holds the same responsibilities and completes the same processes in each sector.

All that separates a construction manager in one sector from one in another is the knowledge of the construction site. This may include different types of equipment, materials, subcontractors, and possibly locations. Construction project management combines the responsibilities of a traditional project manager with the skills and expertise of the construction industry. Because construction projects are always changing, a successful construction project manager needs a wide range of skills and abilities to manage diverse teams and projects.

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Fabrication and Construction Project Management: The Project Management defines project management as the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participating objectives. In the case of construction project management, you can simply take Project Managements definition and put it into a construction context for a definition of a construction project manager.

Fabrication and Construction project management involves the planning, coordination, and control over the various tasks involved in construction projects. This could include different types of construction projects, like agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy civil, and environmental. It typically includes complex tasks that change dramatically from project to project, and requires skills like strong communication, knowledge of the building process, and problem solving.

Fabrication and Construction project managers help ensure the project is tracking along to plan. They manage the project so it finishes on time and on budget, and that their team completes it according to building codes, plans, and specs. Other functions can include specifying scope, budget, and schedules, selecting subcontractors and workers, developing communication strategy for resolving conflicts, and more.

The Fabrication and Construction Management fall into these seven categories:.


There are two kinds of bids:. Then, once the owner receives all the bids for the project, he or she can select the contractor through a number of ways: Low-bid selection: This method focuses on the projects price. Contractors submit their bids with the lowest price they would complete the project for, and the owner chooses the contractor with the lowest one.

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Qualifications-based selection: This selection method picks a contractor solely based on qualifications. The owner will ask for a request for qualifications RFQ , which gives an overview of each contractors experience, management plans, project organization, and budget and schedule performance. Best-value selection: Combining both price and qualifications, the owner looks for the contractor with the best cost and best skillset.

And finally, once the owner chooses a contractor, there are four different kinds of payment contracts they can agree upon: Lump sum: A lump sum contract is the most common. The contractor and owner agree on the overall cost of the project and the owner is required to pay that amount whether or not the project fails, or if it exceeds the initial price. Cost-plus-fee: The owner pays the total cost and a fixed fee percentage of the total cost to the contractor. This is the most beneficial contract for the contractor, since any additional costs will be covered.

Guaranteed maximum price: The guaranteed maximum price contract is the same as the cost-plus-fee, except there is a set price so the total cost and fee cannot exceed. Unitprice: This contract is chosen when both parties are unable to determine the cost ahead of time. The owner provides specific unit price to limit spending.

Business Models for Construction Projects. While the bidding process typically stays the same regardless of the type of construction project, there are two forms of business models in the construction industry: Design, bid, build contracts: The most popular model of construction management, design, bid, build contracts allow the owner to choose a contractor after the design phase has already been completed by an architect or engineer.

Design-build contracts: This model is the opposite of the design, bid, build contract. Design-build contracts are when the design and construction phases are completed by the same entity referred to as the design-builder or the design-build contractor. This model is used to reduce completion date since the design and construction phases can happen at the same time.

Initiation; At the beginning of the project, you must create and evaluate the business case in order to determine if the project if feasible and if it should be undertaken. Stakeholders do their due diligence and feasibility testing may occur, if needed. If all parties decide to move forward with the project, a project charter or project initiation document PID is created, including the business needs and business case.

Planning; Next, the project team develops a roadmap for everyone to follow. During this phase, the project manager creates the project management plan PMP , a formal, approved document to guide execution and control. The PMP also documents scope, cost, and schedule baselines. Other documents included in the planning phase include:. Because everyone has a different way of communicating, the communication plan creates a basic framework to get everyone on the same page and avoid misunderstandings or conflict.

Execution; This is when the work begins. After a kick-off meeting, the project team begins to assign resources, execute project management plans, set up tracking systems, execute tasks, update the project schedule, and modify the project plan. Performance and Monitoring; The monitoring phase often happens at the same time as the execution phase.

This step is all about measuring progress and performance to ensure that items are tracking with the project management plan. Closure; This last phase represents project completion. Project managers sometimes hold a post-mortem meeting to evaluate what went well in the project and identify failures. Then, the team creates a project punch list of any tasks that did not get accomplished, performs a final budget, and creates a project report.

Before proceeding to discuss the proposed risk assessment model it is essential to elucidate what we connote while using the "risk" terminology. Risk is associated with every aspect of our daily life. Further, wherever risk exists, the tendency to adequately mange it will be found. However, when the construction industry is examined it would be seen that formal risk management has only become an integral process in the past few decades. One of the drivers for the recent sudden increased need to manage risk is the rapid development of technology; as a result risk and its management have turned to be wholly specialized subject.

With the adequate assistance of risk management two essential advantages will be captured, more confidence can be given to the estimated project costs and profits will be maximized. For the context of this chapter, the available risk definitions from business perspective will be revealed, and then the offered risk management practices will be examined to depict the essential role of the identification and assessment steps in the risk management process. Moreover, this chapter will include a comparative summary for some of the existing risk management standards and guidelines, which will reveal considerable amount of similarities between the formal processes of conducting risk management.

Wherever risk exists the desire to adequately manage it will be found; where the management actions are taken either intuitionally or systematically. Risk stems from uncertainty which narrow our knowledge about future events. Since ever it was accepted as a fact that people can not know; understand; or control everything. Therefore, the term "risk" has become relative to many aspects of human being daily life. Risk is related to personal circumstances health, pensions, insurance However, it is believed that mankind incessantly seeks to deal with risk and try to manage it proactively.

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